There is a shortage of truck drivers, how serious is it?

A temporary visa scheme is being launched by the government for 5,000 fuel tanker and food lorry drivers in the run-up to Christmas.
In recent weeks, the government has faced calls to do so amid growing concerns about food and fuel deliveries. However, the government had resisted those calls until now, with Transport Secretary Grant Shapps previously saying: “We do have to stand on our own two feet as the United Kingdom.
HGV drivers are in short supply due to a combination of factors including Covid and Brexit.
Road Haulage Association members report that more than 100,000 drivers are needed in the UK.
In what ways has the issue gotten worse?
Covid is certainly a contributing factor to the problem. Last year, as travel restrictions became more and more strict, and large chunks of the economy shut down, many European drivers went home. And haulage companies report that few have returned.
A shortage of HGV drivers is also caused by Brexit.

European countries are in need of more HGV drivers, but Brexit has made things worse in the UK. Drivers who returned to their home countries or choose to work in other countries are now restricted or unable to return.

Back in the days when the UK was a member of the EU single market, drivers had freedom of movement. This is no longer the case as a result of new immigration rules.

IR35 and Tax

Additionally, drivers from across Europe are finding it more difficult to work in the United Kingdom due to a change in tax law. (IR35)