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HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) Driving Licence UK

Are you interested to start new career as a Lorry Driver? Getting your HGV Driving Licence is the first step to become a Lorry Driver. 

What is the HGV Driving Licence

The HGV Driving Licences are required to operate trucks or lorries over 3.5 tons.

HGV Driving Licence is issued by DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). You will need to acquire 

Your HGV Driving Licence is valid for 5 years and you are required to successfully complete training and pass a theory test and undergo a medical check.

HGV Driving Licence holder usually works for logistics companies as professional driver or as a contractor. 

Would you like to apply, exchange, update or renew UK HGV driving licence? We have provided all information here for you. 

All links provided here will take you directly to official GOV.UK website.

1. How to apply for a provisional lorry or bus licence

Order forms D2 and D4 from DVLA.  

2. How to renew or change a lorry or bus licence if you are under 45

DVLA should send you an ”application for renewal of lorry and bus entitlement” form 56 days before your driving licence expires.

3. How to renew or change a lorry or bus licence if you are 45 or over

Before your licence runs out, DVLA will send you an ‘application for renewal of lorry and bus entitlement’ form (D47P).

4. How to exchange a foreign driving licence.

Find out how to exchange your non-British driving licence for a British licence.

5. How to change the address on your driving licence online or by post.


The process is different depending on whether you have a photo card or paper driving licence if you want to change your address on your licence by post.

For more information how to change your driving licence by post visit here.