Fuel shortage in UK?

Due to a shortage of lorry drivers, more than two thousand British gas stations were still dry on Thursday.

There are a number of petrol stations that are temporarily closed, and some Shell, BP and Esso stations are reporting shortages of petrol and diesel.

For some lorry drivers, it was virtually impossible to locate a gas station where they could fill up both diesel and red diesel for their lorries and fridge trailers.

Petrol stations across the country have been jammed with long queues of motorists as they were purchasing fuel in a panic.

The true is that there are no shortages of petrol or diesel in the UK. The shortage at petrol stations is caused by problems with delivering fuel from distribution terminals to forecourts.

According to Grant Shapps, speaking to ITV News, “there is no shortage at all”. If people stopped filling up their cars and just refilled as needed, the situation would dissipate.

To combat delivery difficulties at petrol stations, last Saturday the government announced a temporary visa scheme for 5,000 foreign HGV drivers. But would this solve the issue? It is believed a lot more HGV drivers are needed on UK roads.