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ProfiHGV - About Us

The lorry driving industry is thriving, and this is the ideal time to jump in. Whether you are a lorry driver in need of quality work opportunities, or are looking to hire reliable drivers to transport your valuable products, ProfiHGV Ltd is the perfect place to be. Our one-of-a-kind platform allows both employers and employees to find their match, while also building a valuable community.

My name is George J. Sinak, Founder of ProfiHGV Ltd. I started this platform with a simple mission; to give professional lorry drivers and reputable organizations a safe space to find one another. There are two sides to this business, and it is my goal to bring them together while having some fun along the way.

As a way to give back and encourage our amazing lorry drivers, I have established a friendly competition you can follow along and participate with here on the website, Tik Tok and on Instagram. The Spot Me contest works is by finding me, George, out and about at truck stops across the region. I will provide clues and updates regularly, and those who approach me at the right location will be rewarded with a prize!

From accessories for drivers, caffe and food gift cards, and much more in the works, I want to add a little excitement to your next stop. Be sure to sign up as a member here on website and follow along on social media so you can take part in the fun and be eligible to win!

Join Our Movement

As a lorry driver myself, I have a sincere passion for this work and this platform. I understand personally what it’s like out on the road, and I want to make this into a collaborative space to support one another. I am a happily married man with an amazing wife and son. We love to travel, which is one of the reasons I enjoy this career so much.

Working as a lorry driver, driver trainer and in the traffic office, I get experience all aspects of this career. I am thrilled to now be offering a new way to connect for everyone in this line of work to grow and thrive. Sign up and create an account today so you can join the movement!

Driver Resources

If you are an experienced lorry driver, or are interested in starting out in this growing field, there are many ways to utilize your knowledge and skills. One of the biggest obstacles is finding the right resources and job openings that suit your unique talents.

ProfiHGV Ltd is designed to make your life easier. Our database of job openings is a great way to explore the possibilities on the market right now, and the best fit for your lifestyle. You can also access our community of lorry drivers. By creating a profile, you will be able to discuss the aspects of your job that only other drivers will understand. Gain unique insight and advice from those who know what you’re experiencing first-hand.

Contacts for Companies

For those running a company, you know that it requires the right team to make your business succeed. At ProfiHGV Ltd, we make it easy to find the lorry drivers you’ve been looking for in the U.K.  By signing up with a profile for your business, and then listing your open positions, you will be advertising your opening to a wide range of experienced professionals in the lorry industry.

Not only will you have access to the members of this site, the job vacancy will be available to the public and specifically individuals who are interested in the transport industry. We make company profiles and listings visible for everyone to see so that your open position will be filled more quickly with the right person for the job. Our goal is to provide an easier platform that is targeted to an audience that is truly invested in a lorry driver career.