A letter to all HGV driving licence holders

Letters to all HGV driving licence holders is being sent by the Chief Executive of Logistics UK, Mr. David Wells and Chief Executive of RHA Mr. Richard Burnett.

In the letter they are saying that the Government and the logistics sectors are working on a range of solutions to ease the shortage of HGV drivers.

They are encouraging those who are no longer working in this sector to consider returning. They are also emphasizing that your valuable skills and experience have never been more needed than ever before.

At the moment there are fantastic HGV driving opportunities in the logistics industry. There are attractive pay rates, flexible working hours or fixed hours, fixed days, full-time and part-time opportunities. 

Many employers are offering training packages so even if your Driver CPC has lapsed, you can be supported in updating this  through classroom or online courses. Furthermore, given the significant number of opportunities available, driving can become an entry point into a much wider pool of job roles.

Businesses of all sizes, in many different sectors, including specialist operators are looking for drivers.

To find out more please visit: https://logistics.org.uk/skills or www.rha.uk.net/backtodriving